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Washington Common
Congregational Church (1840), School (1884), Town House (1787)

Two young men in Pepsi uniforms join the four of five of us at the [general store lunch] counter. I learn later that they are in the store to work on the Coke machine. One of them says, "Is there, like, a city of Washington?" This brings hoots from us barflies at the counter. He tries to recover, "I mean, like a center, with stores and stuff." We still think this is very funny. Maybe it's his earnestness; maybe it's us.

"You're in it, buddy," says Bill. "This is it." He jabs his finger toward the floor for emphasis. Behind his hand he tells us that they are from Massachusetts. I think they hear that, and are meant to, but don't mind at all. Clearly they are having a hard time believing that they are in the center of Washington, New Hampshire.

From Last House on the Road, by Ronald Jager (Chapter 20)

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Washington Elementary Teacher Suzzanne Lull was selected as 2001 NH State Teacher of the Year! Read the NH State Board of EducationMeeting Minutes describing her accomplishments. Hear her answer interview questions at Scholastic Inc.
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    Town/City Distance Population Elevation
    Town of Windsor 5 117 1050
    Town of Goshen 10 781 1297
    Town of Hillsborough 12 4,650 580
    Town of Bradford 13 1,420 970
    Town of Lempster 14 1,025 1416
    Town of Newport 15 6,249 780
    Town of Unity 15 1,453 1467
    Town of Deering 16 1,766 1010
    Town of Antrim 17 2,382 707
    Town of Newbury 18 1,595 1100
    Town of Sutton 18 1,489 756
    Town of Bennington 19 1,273 660
    Town of Henniker 19 4,122 440
    Town of Warner 20 2,460 445
    Town of Acworth 21 1,763 1486
    Town of Stoddard 22 646 1397
    Town of Hancock 23 1,468 965
    Town of Marlow 23 665 1170
    City of Claremont 24 13,850 567
    Town of Alstead 29 1,763 478
    Town of Peterborough 29 5,679 1020
    Town of Charlestown 30 4,749 115
    Town of New London 30 3,641 1326
    City of Keene 34 23,045 480
    City of Concord 35 37,925 346

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