DEC PDP-6 Serial numbers

Phil Budne
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[DIGITAL Computing Timeline: 8/18/1997] "26 Installed"?!!! most sources say 23?!

First delivery: summer 1964 [BELL 1978] p.44

DEC Engineering Prototype

MIT Project MAC (AI ITS)

Brookhaven National Labs

University of Western Australia, Perth

#5 & ?
Lawrence Livermore Labs (LLL) dual procssor!!

Keydata (Timesharing), Cambridge MA

Rutgers Physics

MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science (LNS)

University of Bonn

University of Aachen

University of California Berkeley

Rand Corporation (timesharing), Santa Monica, California

Applied Logic Corporation (timesharing), Princeton, NJ

#9 thru #15
Stanford AI Lab (SAIL)

University of Rochester Nuclear Structure Research Laboratory (NSRL), Rochester NY

University of Pennsylvania (Medical School), Philadelphia, PA
"... DEC started to ship all its products by truck. Twelve-foot trucks. DEC learned a lot more at a well-known bridge on Route 62 in Hudson, Massachusetts. An eleven-foot bridge. (This is where DEC made its first drop shipment.) The PDP-6 that made this unfortunate journey was already some months late for the University of Pennsylvania. DEC, not having its own van at the time, had rented some space in a moving van filled with household goods. The PDP-6 was in the back of the van, and it appears that the furniture successfully cushioned the impact of the computer. They did have to shovel the remains out of the truck afterwards, however. (The PDP-6 was able to be repaired in a couple of more months.)" [PH1984]

Imperial College, London, England

Oxford University Nuclear Physics Laboratory, Oxford, UK

MIT/MAC Dynamic Modeling, ran ITS, pre-owned

(possibly a second life for #6)
United Aircraft (United Technologies) Research Laboratories, East Hartford, Connecticut

Yale University

University of Heidelberg

NIH, Maryland

Photos of unknown system switches at CHM


Guide to the Digital Equipment Corporation records, Computer History Museum

[BELL 1978]
The Evolution of the DECsystem 10, CACM January 1978 (v21 n1) pp 44-62. C.G. Bell, A. Kotok, T.N. Hastings and R. Hill

DECUSCOPE vol.3 1964

DECUSCOPE vol.4 1965


"AIM 161A: ITS 1.5 Reference Manual, July 1969", Eastlake, D.; Greenblatt, R.; Holloway, J.; Knight, T.; Nelson, S.

"AIM-238: February 1972 ITS Status Report", Donald E. Eastlake

[JPH1965] Invoice Dates
from DEC "Analysis of PDP-6 Invoiced Equipment" JPH 12/14/65
"The document seems to relates to core memory royalties."

"Project MAC Progress Report III July 1965-July 1966"

Proposal to University of Queensland (for PDP-10), January 1967, Appendix A "Existing PDP-6 Installations and Configurations"

"Project MAC Progress Report VII, July 1969 to July 1970"

"Project MAC Progress Report IX, July 1971 to July 1972" AD-756 689, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, February 1973

[PH1984] Peter Hurley
from "The History of TOPS, or Life in the Fast AC's" session at the Spring, 1984, DECUS Symposium in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Private communication from Peter:

"When I joined DEC [from LNS] in '68, the PDP-10 had just started shipping. Most of the history recounted in that talk came from my own memories and from hearing stories from people like Alan Kotok or Tom Hastings on our regular dinners out at Chez Claude's or the local Chinese restaurant."

[RCC1990] Bob Clements
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