Captain Spud's Probers

``Captain Spud's Probers'' was formed by Brothers of the Pi Lambda Phi (NJ Theta) chapter at Steven's Tech in Hoboken NJ in the 1970's. Much of the art was the work of Jeanne Mara.

Union Club 6/29/79

Union club 6/29/79 Hold onto your heads! [12 kbytes] 14.75x20.75

Another image [84 kbytes]

Rites of Spring; PiLam (???)

Rites of Spring; PiLam (???) [16 kbytes] 8.5x14

WCPR Light Show and Dance 5/2/80

11x17 [23 kbytes]

beetles [184 kbytes] 8.5x11

Union Club 7/11/80

Union Club 7/11/80 [14 kbytes] 11x17

Whipped into a Frenzy! PiLam, 9/26/80

Whipped into a frenzy! PiLam 9/26/80 [24 kbytes] 8.5x14

Techfest; Pierce Room 10/31/80

Techfest; Pierce Room 10/31/80 [19 kbytes] 11x17

Mum's da word! PiLam, Fall 1981

Mum's da woid! PiLam (fall 1981?) [128 kbytes] 8.5x11

Set Lists

1980? Techfest?? [61 kbytes]

unknown setlist [177 kbytes]

unknown setlist [217 kbytes]

Two former probers (Steve Legensky (Bass), and Herb(bert!) Protin (drums)) are members of Big Mike & the Perpetrators.

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