DEC XY Display Simulator

A DEC XY display simulator for use with SIMH, standalone, or with other simulators. Currently includes PDP-1 Type 30 and PDP-11 VT11 support.

Click on images to enlarge;

Patches/additions for SIMH v3.0-2, and program binaries (for the above pictured demos) are included in display.tar.gz (see the 00README at the top level, and the display/README files)

My development sources are on my CVS server, and are available over the Internet: (may be broken at any moment, but useful for tracking my work, and contributing changes);

For csh;

	setenv CVSROOT

For sh/bash;
	export CVS


(password file must exist)
	touch ~/.cvspass
	cvs login
(password "anonymous")
	cvs co history/xy

(The SIMH makefile expects the top level "display" directory to be a symlink to (or the contents of) the "xy" directory...)

Another CVS module history/pdp1 contains my version of the "macro1" PDP-1 assembler, which can assemble spacewar, my (nearly pristine) version of PDP-1 DDT, and a version of DECUS MACRO! The module contains source for ddt, spacewar, PDP-1 lisp (all used as regression tests), and (very simple) source for the munch.rim file included in the above tarball.

Phil Budne