Photo by David Dyer-Bennet.

NEW! DD-B found the original slides, and made Better scans. (Or just click here to get the really large image). Dan Murphy found some behind the scenes photos from that day. The photo is a clickable "image map" -- move your mouse until you see a URL displayed at the bottom of your browser window; clicking should then scroll the bottom window to the person's name, initials (or user name), and their group.

Please send additions and corrections to If you have a URL (or e-mail address) you'd like your name to link to, let me know.

list of names of people not yet spotted

If you find a face that doesn't have a region defined for it, please tell me the names (or numbers) of the people around them!

(NOTE! Since there are tech writers in the photo, it's likely MORE than Cost Center 341, since ISTR the writers were in another CC. Perhaps "LCG" would be more correct?)

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