Boat Photos

The title said it's a 1959 JetCraft, but it clearly isn't. It came with a 1960 Johnson 10HP (with a bad lower unit), so I picked up a 1961 Evinrude 18HP (which came with a 1967 cover).

I'm thinking it's a 1960 or 1961 Aero-Craft "Ski-Dart"

I'm putting together an AeroCraft Web Site.

LOA is 13'9"
It's approx 14'2" along the gunwale
Beam is approx 60"

More photos

3/8/2011: Just got a 1962 Aero-Craft catalog which shows this:

DD16241 is stamped on the outside of the transom (where you would find a modern HIN):

Which shows the boat doesn't have Aero-Craft stamped in the handles, like this one (but the handle shape, riveting, and number style and location are all the same):

A Blue Book Page at shows there was a 14' "DD" runabout sold under Harwill's Aero-Line brand in 1960.

Here's something similar at identified as a 1959 14 footer:

This one is of Harwill founder Tony Harkins (from the web site of his son Gary Harkins) of a "Late 50's boat, taken July 11, 1958":

Here is another, with similar paint at identified as a 1952 model:

But it doesn't look like it's that old. This boat, posted to the same forum thread was also identified as 1952: